0.290.5 – Legitimate Salvage

Articulated Recovery Manipulator
In a surprising move, Triskelion-Armstrong released the AR-1500 series manipulator for the general public today. The sale of recovery manipulators is restricted to licenced Search and Recovery crew, so in order to obtain a sale permit the AR-1500M version has a stripped-down ship interface. Marketed as “Salvage Recovery” the AR-1500M is incapable of interfacing with ships, but shares a robust design with his older brother and is more than capable of securing and towing a derelict rivaling it’s base ship with mass.

Microseismic Jamming Exposed
Independent investigative journalists revealed that several excavation companies housed on Enceladus were abusing the tightbeam array to jam competitors’ microseismic drone systems. With offenders arrested and jamming signals gone, captains report vast increases in accuracy of their survey equipment, revealing new rich veins of minerals though the rings. Obonto Micro Engineering filed a civil suit against offenders for brand damage.

Excavators Life
Seventh episode of “Excavators Life” is to premiere on Enceladus Entertainment Network. “A Cure” tells a story of neglect that caused permanent health damage, and a fight to overcome it.

Pest Extermination In Progress
Enceladus Corp issued a statement warning all citizens of ongoing pest extermination procedures. Please remain in your habitats and wear softsuits at all times. List of species under extermination order:

  • AR-1500 Salvage Arm now available as a high-stress mount.
  • Introduced ore density patterns to ore across rings.
  • Microseismic scanner now able to show ore inside large rocks.
  • New crew agenda implemented.
  • Maintenance drones rebalanced.
  • New tuning options for autopilots.
  • Fixed THICC and B8 being launched out when doing maneuvers.
  • Crew now can ask for leave time that starts after you get back to base.
  • Fixed a number of bugs in the conversation system.
  • Big ships now fly more carefully and try to avoid getting close to you.
  • High and low prices are no-longer visible on market prediction graphs.
  • Cargo containers and B8 beacons now return with you to Enceladus.
  • Fixed adrenaline triggering constantly for high-level pilots.
  • Dialogue options for raising and lowering salary now list exact change.
  • Ship thumbnails now reflect actual damage the ship has.
  • New ships and highly damaged ships are marked on the list.
  • Point defence will no-longer shoot at the cargo inside.
  • Fixed SMES capacity to match values listed.
  • Crew and crew bodies outside the ship now show up as shiny on lidar.
  • Updated equipment descriptions.
  • Fixed a glitch that allows unlimited money with creative equipment trades.

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